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Kalaimakal Travels has been involved in the tourism industry since 1979, and is known for its excellent services in showcasing India. The success of any tourism related organization depends on customer satisfaction, and this in turn boils down to raw hospitality. We at Kalaimakal have excelled in this art, and this is one of the aspects that make Kalaimakal so special. Our escorted package tours have always been in great demand, irrespective of the seasonal fluctuation in demand.


Kalaimakal maintains its own fleet of over 25 transport vehicles in-house. A dedicated workshop staffed by experienced and motivated personnel, work round the clock to ensure total travel comfort to our valued clientele.


Kalaimakal History


  • Started in 1979 with a regular service from Krishnagiri to Hosur

  • 1984 started its first tourist service

  • First to introduce video coaches in three Districts

  • By 1994 started its omni bus service

  • 2005 started regular service between Hosur and Chennai.

  • 2006 First to introduce Push Back, Airbus for tours.

  • 2006 introduced modern staff buses to companies.

  • 2006 added specialiesd flight shuttle busses to transfer passenger from flights to airport.